Kahntrol Solutions has been endorsed by: Old_Painless founder of, and Dan Newberry of OCW ( optimal charge weight ) load development system and practical long range shooting instruction, as well as shooters like the fine folks shown below.

These are only a fraction of the emails we get on a daily basis, from people who call or write to say that our brakes have made their shooting experience more enjoyable and less painful.

Jeff, Wake County, NC
IT WORKS… I purchased the clamp on for my 30-06 to develop a hand load for consistent 400 yard shots. Before the Kahntrol I was accurate for the first 4-6 shots until I started flinching. This made testing different loads a very time (and gas to-and-from the range) consuming process. I just ran 12 bullets through it, and felt like I could do another dozen. The install was easy, and service was spot on. Get it, you won’t be disappointed. Michael C. Wow! What an incredible product.I was very skeptical about purchasing a muzzle brake.I thought I was probably throwing my money away on your product.I shoot my .223 and .22-250 on a regular basis for groups and varmints.I. regularly shoot 1/4″ groups with the .22-250 and 3/8″ groups with the .223. Hand loads for both. Recently bought a .308.Sometimes I could get good groups with it but not consistently.Major muzzle jump compared to what I was use to.After installing your clamp on brake on the .308 it is like a totally different rifle.The recoil isn’t much more than my .22-250. Muzzle jump is about an inch inch and half.Scope now stays on target after each shot.Noise increased some but still only need ear muffs.Awesome product! Jeff

Purchased your muzzle brake for my Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 in 300 Win Mag. Fit absolutely perfect,and looks cool as well. Finally got to test it,and was very pleased with the results. It Drastically reduced the recoil,and now feels like less than my .308 Wanted to share my positive experience with you. Thanks…Jeff

Al B.
After receiving a E.R. Shaw 300 Win Mag barrel, I installed it and took it to the bench rest. The results prompted me to call Shaw and tell him the barrel was comparable to a bowl of cherries and a full moon. 23/64″ 3 shot group @ 107 yards. Put the clamp on brake on the Savage 110 (1963) and I have another bowl of cherries, no moon, as it was daylight, the private range is 5,500′, herds of elk can be seen from the bench, at times. Recoil reduced more than I expected. Happy!!!

From Paul D.
A few weeks ago I ordered a clamp-on muzzle break for my Remington 700 LTR in .308 caliber. It came promptly and was simple to install. II finally have gotten out to shoot the rifle and the brake is fantastic. This rifle was not fun to shoot for an extended number of rounds, now it is a pleasure. I and several of my friends feel the felt recoil has been reduced by almost half. A fellow shooter saw me with mine and ordered one for his 300 Win mag rifle and is now raving about how he can finally fire the rifle for more than 5 rounds and not feel beat up. Thank you for making a fantastic product. I will continue to recommend it to all.

Review by Old_Painless from
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B.Wildes wrote…
Today I went to the range and shot my 770 with the new muzzle brake on it. It is the best thing I could’ve ever done to the rifle. Your muzzle brakes are absolutely amazing. Thank you for your amazing product and on my next rifle I will definitely be ordering from you.

T.Lessard wrote…
I purchased one of your clamp on models for my Remington 700 SPS .223. It is absolutely the best muzzle brakes I have ever purchased. I live in Williams Lake, BC Canada. It took about 12 days to show up after ordering which is excellent. Anyways, be proud of your products.

E. Hunt wrote…
I got the brake in today and I love it and it feels greats! Thanks for making such a good product! I’ll definitely be telling my friends where I got it!

Eric wrote:
Hey guys, I finally put the muzzle break on my Remington SPS 700 .308 today and it was AMAZING!!! I’ve attached a video for your review. Thanks for making such a quality break.

Bert S. Wrote
Sirs, I am a gunsmith, FFL, instructor and master machinist. I ordered a brake for my Remington M700 SPS 300 Win Mag 26″ bbl. As for the product. Machining and finish, A+. It is beautifully made. You do need to put a .015″ corner break on the mouth of the barrel bore to ease installation. Fit A+. It installs as a “firm” slip fit with a small dead blow. As for shooting, let’s put all the science aside and observe the shooter. Everyone has different recoil tolerance. I rate nominal recoil effect of guns and calibers based on close observation of an average occasional shooter. When their facial tension and muscle twitch due to shot anticipation, doubles their average group size, they have “run out of” recoil tolerance. On a scale of common calibers ( .22WMR, .45 mag pistol in a lever rifle, .223, .243, 30-30, .308 win, 30-06, 45-70 govt +P, 7mm mag, 300 win mag.) The average shooter runs out of recoil tolerance in 5 rounds or less with the 300 win mag, but may be able to shoot 50 or more rounds of the 22 WMR with good control. THE KAHNTROL BRAKE moves the recoil of the rifle from the 5 round (300 win mag) spot to somewhere between the .243 and 30-30 (maybe 20 rounds) range for the average, lightly trained shooter. My daughter shoots a Thompson 30-30 with a managed recoil round for deer hunting. I would not hesitate to let her shoot the Kahntrol 300 win mag, as a safe alternative. Great product, that works as advertised.

A.Carrasco from Texas wrote:
I was able to mount and shoot yesterday, and it worked flawlessly. Recoil was reduced, and the wow factor for everyone at the range was awesome too, everyone wanted to know where I got the brake and asked me plenty of questions, my friend brought out his exact rifle out we fired both and we both could tell the major difference. You have a great product and have passed on your info to others, my buddy should b ordering his shortly. But thank you and look forward to doing business with you again.

M.Lyons, New Jersey, Wrote:

“I am completely satisfied I am so impressed with that brake I will put it on my you tube page and title it for u I have about 6 friends that went with me today that all were very impressed they all want one. Thanks for the awesome product ” 2nd shot after installing my kahntrol bolt on muzzle brake. before i had alot of trouble keeping on target because of the huge recoil on my 300 win mag but the kahntrol muzzle brake just bolted on in 10 min and it was like shooting a .223 i shot 100 rounds today and i feel like it was nothing. check them out at great product and very good service.