While muzzle brakes, per se, are not controlled by the NFA, Their use can be controlled and or regulated by state laws or local ordinances, As well, their use can be regulated for Hunting purposes, by state wildlife agencies . It is the end users responsibility to follow all local laws, regulations, and ordinances concerning ownership and use of the muzzle brake.

When properly installed, the brake should not cause damage to the firearm. It is possible that the finish under the brake could be affected by the installation and use of the muzzle brake, it is up to the end users discretion whether or not to install and use the muzzle brake, as such, Kahntrol Solutions holds no liability in regards to the finish of the affected firearm. By purchasing a product from Kahntrol Solutions, its affiliates, or its distributors, you agree that you are responsible for the decision to install and use the product at your own discretion and risk, and that Kahntrol Solutions, its affiliates , and distributors are held harmless in regards to damage and/or injury arising from the installation and use of said products, and that should you not agree to these terms, you are free to return the product for purchase price, less shipping and handling charges, to the seller, so long as the product is unused and undamaged, and within 7 days of receipt of the product.

Warranty: While there is no specific warranty period, Should a problem with the product arise due to materiel and/or workmanship, Kahntrol Solutions will be happy to work with you regarding repair and or replacement. We are a small company who wishes to be known for quality products and quality customer service.