How much reduction can I expect?

A LOT!!!  Seriously though, Recoil is a subjective matter. Many manufacturers and magazines have tried to quantify recoil reduction. Are they talking perceived recoil, recoil velocity, recoil energy, or some combination of all? Believe it or not, recoil velocity and recoil energy is unchanged when adding a muzzle brake because they are both an effect of INTERNAL ballistics and, when measured scientifically,  peak before the bullet reaches the muzzle. A muzzle brake actually provides a BRAKING force to STOP the rearward movement and momentum imparted on the rifle by the bullet and rifle pushing away from each other, and starts working as soon as the bullet exits the barrel. To cut to the chase, a faster shooting rifle the brake will start working sooner, a heavier rifle will have more momentum and the brake has to work harder to arrest the momentum, so you can have a slow shooting heavy gun like a .308 Sendero and a fast shooting light gun like a 300winmag Savage Axis, and the brake on the Axis will APPEAR to be more effective. In the near future we will be publishing a table that will show you by rifle and chambering, what it will FEEL like compared to a non-braked rifle as well as some test results of free recoil movement with and without brakes using certain rifles. i.e. on free recoil: level rifle on level table with locked bipod and remote trigger, Tactical 308 free recoil w/o brake 17.5″, with our standard brake 6″, and with our 3gun brake 7.5″, perceived felt recoil of 22wmr. or 308 Sendero w/brake will feel like a 22wmr, but a light 308 w/brake will feel like a 22lr, or 223 light varmint rifle w/brake will feel like a RedRider bb-gun, or 300winmag Axis w/brake will feel like a heavy varmint 223, or a heavy tactical 300winmag will feel like a lightweight 223.

Rest Assured, when we talk effective, we MEAN effective! Don’t be fooled by others claims of Reducing Recoil by XX% because there’s NO HONEST way of claiming a subjective, It’s like a soda company claiming “Our soda tastes 75% better than the other soda!” .

Does it make the gun loader?

Noise is subjective, For the shooter or spotter it will be louder, Use Proper Hearing Protection. For anyone/anything downrange the sound will be more diffused.

Can it come loose?

Anything can come loose. Scope mounts, receiver screws, and even muzzle brakes can come loose. Properly Torqued and checked at specified intervals the muzzle brake should not move. We mounted a brake on a .308 AR which only hase 4 screws effectively clamping due to the threaded barrel, it took approximately 300 rounds without the screws being retorqued before we had a flyer.

Will it affect P.O.I.?

Maybe, On heavy Varmint, Match, Or Tactical barrels there has been little to no shift in POI reported, but it is possible. On light contour sporter barrels there has been some POI shift, BUT, in all cases to date, the groups got smaller.

Will a brake effect accuracy?

It can effect accuracy, In all cases to date, accuracy was improved. It can be attributed to harmonics, user comfort(less flinching), or maybe our brakes are magic(no, I’m not serious), But my bet is on user comfort being the largest factor. Read the Review on www.theboxotruth.com to see typical accuracy results.

Will it damage my barrel finish?

If the installation is done properly there should be no damage to the finish, I CANNOT gaurantee it, use your own discretion when deciding if you can accept the slight risk of scuffs.

Will it cause corrosion around the barrel?

If you neglect your firearm you can expect corrosion(and not just on the barrel), The type of anodizing used is the same as what the military uses to prevent corrosion between aluminum and steel. Keep your gun clean and you should have no problems.

Why doesn’t your brake have ports on top to prevent muzzle rise?

Top ports on other brakes are to combat muzzle rise that occurs from their brakes not being completely effective in recoil reduction. Our brakes don’t require top ports because there isn’t enough recoil to create muzzle flip. See my post on muzzle brakes vs compensators for a more detailed explanation.

What type of warranty do you offer?

The warranty is called Integrity, if you have an honest issue, we will make it right, We believe in doing things the right way, In this litigious society warranties do more to allow dishonest people to victimize companies, than to protect customers from dishonest companies. If I make a Bad product, and Offer Bad customer service, I won’t stay in business very long.