Install Threaded Brakes w/ crush washer

Shooting a High Powered Rifle creates a peak noise level that is damaging to the Human ear.
We recommend that all our customers take adequate precautions to prevent hearing damage while shooting.
We accept no responsibility for Hearing Damage caused while using any of our products.

HexMod Blind Bushing installation:

  1. Clear the Weapon!!! Installation on a loaded weapon can kill you.
  2. Remove existing muzzle device/flash hider/thread protector.
  3. With a stiff brush and gun cleaning oil, clean any carbon from the threads.IMG_20150123_193928
  4. Install crushwasher (concave side forward).IMG_20150123_194053
  5. Thread Muzzle Brake on until it touches crushwasher, tighten until level (at least ¼ turn, crushwasher should allow more than 360degrees, but worst case you’ll only need ¾ turn to level the brake.IMG_20150123_195948
  6. Check alignment of rifle bore and brake bore. If there are any
    doubts that the bores are aligned properly, DO NOT SHOOT
    THE WEAPON, until you have confirmed alignment or rectified
    the misalignment.
  7. You are now ready to check zero and adjust POA if necessary.


If there is ever any signs of damage to the brake, cease use
until the brake can be checked for functionability.

  • Check with the Firearm
    Manufacturer whether the
    firearm is designed to be used
    with a Muzzle Brake
  • Never use SABOT or
    SHOTSHELLS in conjunction
    with a Muzzle Brake, or fireform
    with “cream of wheat” with brake
  • Before shooting, check the
    correct torque of the clamping
    screws and the position of the
    Muzzle Brake. With long shot
    strings, carry out this check
    periodically ( approx. every 50
  • The propellant gases, including
    particles of unburned powder,
    dust and or moisture will be
    accelerated – exhausted
    sideways from the Muzzle Brake

Safety Distance min. 1ydð
Wear Ear Protectionð
Wear Eye Protectionð