Install PodMod


Installation of PodMod adapters. (note: adding adapters w/rubber feet will add 1″ to the existing height of bipod)

Unpacking: You will find 2 adapters with roll-pins started, also feet and/or extensions if ordering a kit.


Tools Needed: Channel Locks with padded jaws(duct tape or electricians tape is fine), Needle nose pliers (optional), small screwdriver or 1/8″ roll pin punch, and a bread bag tie or string (longer and heavier gauge is better if using bread tie).


  1. Removing factory rubber feet: Start with legs fully collapsed. Use punch or small screwdriver to remove the roll pin. (they normally push out easily)


2.  O-rings/extension spring: When you remove the stock feet, you will see that there is a stack of O-rings that normally fit inside the top recess of the plastic feet to remove slop, or on leg notch models there will be an extension spring that you will leave in place.


Leg notch models, skip to 7.

3. Remove one O-ring(if it’s a friction style): you’ll remove one o-ring on each leg. (the o-rings act as a cushion when allowing the leg to retract under spring tension)


4. Capture spring if leaving in(friction models): If you wish to retain the retract spring use the pin punch or small screwdriver inserted through the end loop of the spring. Extend the spring with your free hand, extend lower leg 1″ and tighten leg tension screw to hold it in place.

Optional: removal of spring allowing for easier one-handed adjustment. Wear eye protection and gloves. Grab end of spring with pliers and pull, use gloved hand and grab stretched out spring, reacquire closer grip on spring with pliers and “pull like hell” until the spring releases from the screw at the top of the leg. Use caution as it can and will spring free violently, and WILL destroy the spring in the process.


5. Loop bread tie through: Loop bread tie or string through the spring eye making sure that you have at least 2″ of both ends.


6. Release the spring: While holding onto the tie or string, remove the punch or screwdriver and allow the spring to retract into the leg while leaving the ends of the tie/string hanging out of top.


7. Slide on, align holes and start roll pin: Slide on the leg adapter (small diameter hole towards bipod), align the holes,and press roll-pin 1/3 of the way in.


Leg notch models skip to 10.

8. Roll pin barely started: Check to make sure that pin is engaged into the lower leg and release the tension screw allowing the leg to retract, then retighten screw to hold leg in position.


9. Pull spring up and orient: Grab the tie/string and pull up spring and align spring eye with pin and holes.


10. Squeeze roll pin home: Using the padded channel locks to press the pin until flush.


11. Captured spring(friction models): Showing the pin through adapter, leg, and spring.


12. Install foot of choice: Install either feet or extensions.


Optional item for leg extensions: Remove factory o-ring from leg extension and install one of the O-rings removed from bipod for a rock-solid, no wiggle interface.