Here you will find a couple of different options to measure your rifle for a Kahntrol Solutions Clamo On Muzzle Brake.

The first option and most accurate of course is to simply measure the diameter of the barrel 1/2 of an inch from the muzzle using calipers.

If you do not have access to a set of calipers you can use our handy barrel gauge, it works for 95% of the rifles out there (and handguns as seen in the instructions below). The gauge currently doesn’t cover the new KSMB1000 or KSMB1050, but we are working on it! Be sure and read instructions before printing as it has details on the actual print process.

You can download it here!

When printing the gauge be sure and select to print “ACTUAL” size and not “FIT” This step is very crucial as there is only about .015 difference in printing “ACTUAL” and “FIT”


Once printed verify it by measuring between the “Index” line and the “One Inch” line with a ruler, It should be EXACTLY one inch. This step is very crucial as there is only about .015 difference in printing “ACTUAL” and “FIT” If it isn’t, print again checking to make sure your are printing Actual size and not Fit size.


Once it has been verified carefully cut out the gauge barely removing outside lines to keep them from obscuring your measurements.

Next attach a small piece of scotch (or similar) tape at the tape line.


Carefully tape the gauge at the end of your UNLOADED barrel keeping the index line as parallel to the bore as you can possibly get it.


Wrap the gauge around the barrel keeping it tight until you can see the index line above and below the gauge, this will tell you which model brake to order. Be sure and go by the index line and NOT the end of the paper.


Note: If the reference lines end up in 2 different size areas or both exactly on the dividing line, we ask that you get further verification with calipers.

The exception to this is if one falls into the KSMB850 but the other doesn’t simply order the larger size indicated.