PodMod Adapters


These adapters allow you to upgrade your typical Harris, Blackhawk, Caldwell, etc bipod and use the quick change Atlas Bipod feet and leg extensions for maximum versatility and stability.

The PodMod system takes about 10 minutes to install and gives you much more flexibility in your choice of firing positions and ability.

Go Here to see just how quickly they can be installed! Now with video instructions.

They add 1″ of height to you bipod, so a 9-13 becomes 10-14.

We have become authorized dealers for B&T Industries, LLC, the makers of Atlas Bipods and Accu-shot monopods, to be able to offer their feet along side our product to make building your system easier.

You can purchase the adapters alone if you already have the feet or combine them as a package. We even offer Blackhawk 6″-9″ pivoting bipods with adapters pre-installed for your convenience.

Be sure and check out the other great B&T Industries products we have to offer.

PodMod Adapter Basic Kit

PodMod adapters are currently known to fit the following bipods:
Harris - Leg notch and Tension screw style legs

Includes one pair of PodMod adapters, and one set of Atlas rubber feet. (feet can be left off if you already have some)
Please note, this is a semi-permanent modification to the bipod and the original bipod feet that you remove will not work with the adapters, therefore if you do not already own any Atlas feet you will need them.

We will add to this list as we test.


Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: from $29.95

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Hawk Hill Talons

Made by the same people that make some of the best barrels in the industry.


Price: $59.95

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