A great video put together by Safe Arms Review of the Kahntrol Solutions Clamp-on Muzzle brake taming his TC Contender in 300WM.

A collection of videos taken during the April 2nd,2015 Infidel Gunfighter League Match at 37PSR of shooters using the Kahntrol Solutions 3-Gun Brake!

The following video was taken at the Green Beret Foundation Pro-Am. A great event that benefits the Green Beret Foundation. While there we had the chance to get some video of our brake (closest at beginning of video) next to a rifle without our brake. You will notice the reduced recoil and the ability to place faster followup shots and easier double-taps!

Below is a collection of videos found on YouTube by simply searching Kahntrol. These are all customer videos that have either been sent to us or we have just found. We will add more in the future.