What is Kahntrol Cash?

Kahntrol Solutions is Prfirstmatchboud to announce that, in an effort to grow shooting sports, we will be offering contingency awards for select shooting events. Eligible events and award amounts can be found under the Events tab.

Contingency Eligibility Requirements:

-Event must be registered with Kahntrol Solutions prior to the Event, by the event/series organizers. If you plan to participate in an event or series that is not listed in our Registered Events, please feel free to send us contact info for organizer, or have the organizer contact us, at Jeremy@kahntrol.com or 336-453-5272.

-Must use a Kahntrol Solutions muzzle brake throughout event.

-Must place in the Top 3 positions of the given event. (or place as outlined for PRS events)

-Awards vary depending on Event and/or Event Class, to be determined prior to the event.

-Must Submit Photo of Shooter with Rifle at the Time and Place of the Event.

-Must submit contact information and/or internet link of Event and placings for verification purposes.

-Must submit a brief comment on how your Kahntrol Solutions muzzle brake helped you in the event.