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Muzzle Brakes by Kahntrol Solutions is what we are known for, but we are becoming so much more.

Beginning with 100% USA made muzzle brakes we are becoming a major source of Practical info, products and solutions for the practical shooter. We do not want to only cater to the professional or competitive shooter but also the avid hunter, backyard plinker and weekend warriors.

Now, let’s talk muzzle brakes!

Muzzle Brakes offer the added benefits of;

-Staying on target so that you can see the bullet impact and place a follow-up if needed.

-Improved accuracy due to less flinching in anticipation of recoil.

-Less noise transmitted downrange while hunting (less chance of spooking on a miss). ***This is not a suppressor, majority of the sound is redirected to the side instead of going downrange!***

-More accurate chronograph readings for handloaders.

-Less shooter fatigue from those harder hitting rounds like 300 win mag.

-You can’t take a Lead Sled into a tree stand with you. (Not hating on them, I love mine!)

-RECOIL REDUCTION!!! No a .308 doesn’t have BAD recoil, but gets a little old after 20 or so rounds at the range.

-And with recoil reduction it is easier to introduce a new shooter to larger bore rifles.

Our muzzle brakes come in varying sizes to accommodate almost all rifles with a muzzle diameter of .570″ to 1.050″ WITHOUT THREADING!(Translation: we have a brake to fit virtually all factory barrels!) And we have put them on everything from 22 plinking rifles, budget rifle builds that reach out to 1000 yards for minimal money, all the way to the full blown Remington 700 in 300 Win Mag that can give an elk a bad day (and you a nice trophy) at a mile.

We also have thread-on muzzle brakes to fit most production thread patterns for those of you that already have or prefer a screw on solution.

So why choose Kahntrol Solutions?

According to our customers, we are ”The most effective muzzle brake available“. We get feedback on a regular basis from folks who have tried most other brands that our brakes are ”The Best Muzzle Brake I’ve ever used“. Whether it be a Remington 700, or Savage Axis, Ruger American, Mossberg ATR, Sako TRG, or AR-10 / AR-15 platform, We’ve got a brake to fit your rifle, and make recoil and muzzle climb a thing of the past.

Don’t settle for inexpensive brakes that are made in foreign countries or have questionable origins. If a brake is that inexpensive. What do YOU think was sacrificed? Our Muzzle Brakes keep Americans working!!!

Now feel free to browse around the site.

Be sure and check out our Blog for a collection of insights from the designer of the Kahntrol Solutions Muzzle Brakes.